At KAMAT, we are constantly striving for innovation and improvement. This year we are experiencing an exciting addition to our machine park: the implementation of the advanced Mazatrol SmoothAi control system for KAMAT.

A farewell and a new beginning

After two decades of reliable service, we are saying goodbye to our trusty Gildemeister GMX 200, which has marked a quantum and quality leap in our production since 2004. This step is not only a farewell to a piece of company history, but also a continuation of the standardization of our production technology through the introduction of the Mazatrol SmoothAi control system for KAMAT.

Mazatrol SmoothAi: The future of production

The introduction of the Mazatrol SmoothAi control system for KAMAT represents our ongoing commitment to technological excellence. This state-of-the-art control technology stands for increased efficiency, precision and flexibility in our production. With its advanced artificial intelligence and intuitive operation, the Mazatrol SmoothAi sets new standards in CNC control.

Advantages of the modernization

This modernization of our machinery in Plant II of our company with the Mazatrol SmoothAi control for KAMAT brings numerous advantages:

  • Increased production capacity: thanks to improved efficiency, we can respond more quickly to customer requirements and shorten delivery times.
  • Even greater precision: The Mazatrol SmoothAi enables even more precise production, which further increases the quality of our products.
  • Future-proof technology: The implementation of the latest control technology ensures that KAMAT remains at the forefront of manufacturing technology.

The modernization is an important step in our company history and underlines our commitment to innovation and quality. We are excited to look forward to a future of efficiency, precision and technological leadership with the Mazatrol SmoothAi control system for KAMAT.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project. We look forward to taking you with us on our journey into the future of high pressure technology with AI.