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PJSC Epos Ltd.

PJSC Epos Ltd.
Tolslogo 44
09109 Belya-Zerkov

Tel.: +38 44 6363 612
Fax: +38 44 6391 822


Epos PJSC was founded more than 27 years ago. Nowadays, it is a flagship company in the field of manufacturing and supplying of industrial equipment wide range which has managed to gain the loyalty of customers. More than 100 employees are working in the company. These are high-ranking professionals capable to generate new ideas, estimate any situation quickly and properly, as well as to solve any problem effectively. Personnel is the most essential resource for any organization, as well as the principal constituent of the company success

Headquarter of PJSC Epos Ltd.

Structured in eight departments

Structurally, the company comprises eight departments. They are:

  • Management;
  • Financial department;
  • Marketing department;
  • Commercial department;
  • Production-and-warehouse department;
  • Safety department;
  • Transport department;
  • Utility services department.

A wide range of products with high quality – all according to ISO 9001

The company manufactures, delivers, and installs a wide range of products, namely: in-house built dredgers, pumping and drilling equipment, motorpumps, electric and gear motors, generating set, welding units, and lighting towers, irrigational sets, as well as equipment for utility and agricultural enterprises, machinery for dust suppression and snow generation, valves and customized equipment.

The quality of delivered products, its reliability, and operation safety are confirmed by the certification (according to ISO 9001), the warranty of the manufacturing plant, as well as by the expertise of the company employees.

A full range of services by experienced specialists

With the genuine, hands-on experience, the specialists of our company provide a full range of services, as follows: complex engineering and full production automation, manufacture of non-standard equipment of any complexity, the realization of turn-key projects, maintenance servicing, and repair works.

The management of the company understands that standing still is not acceptable since permanent development is key to a successful activity. Therefore, Epos PJSC is permanently trying to expand its area of activity.

PJSC Epos Ltd. is official dealer of KAMAT in Ukraine since 2006

EPOS PJSC expresses sincere thanks and deep appreciation to KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG for long-term and joint cooperation since 2006. As a partner, the company KAMAT confirmed its high professional level and competence in production and development of both high pressure systems and pumps systems. We wish to note the high skills of KAMAT staff, their precise and coordinated work, efficiency in solving technical issues and individual approach.

Contact Form / Order Documentation

We would like to get in touch with you regarding your concrete wishes or your individual questions. No matter which kind of industry or what kind of application you have: You will be surprised how precisely our high-pressure technic and our wide range of products fits your needs. Now is the best time to talk to us. We look forward to you.

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Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Date Place Fair / Event Sales Partner
02/21/2023 - 02/23/2023 Aberdeen, UK Subsea Expo Brimmond Ltd.
02/21/2023 - 02/23/2022 Indianapolis, USA WWETT GIANT Industries Inc.
05/05/2023 - 05/12/2023 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania US Coal Show Pittsburgh Swanson Industries
05/08/2023 - 05/11/2023 Detroit, USA AIST Show Dover Hydraulics INC.
05/10/2023 - 05/11/2023 Dessau-Roßlau WTZ Innovative Science & Research - 12. MEETING INJECTION AND FUELS KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG
05/11/2023 - 05/12/2023 Essen, Germany Geo World KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG
06/13/2023 - 06/15/2023 Southampton, UK Seaworks Brimmond Ltd.
08/22/2023 - 08/24/2023 Trondheim, NOR AQUA NOR IKM Promech AS
09/05/2023 - 09/08/2023 Aberdeen, UK Offshore Europe Brimmond Ltd.
09/20/2023 - 09/23/2023 Bad Zwischenahn, Germany Bohrtechniktage KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG
10/18/2023 - 10/19/2023 Stavanger, NOR ODT Energy 2023 IKM Hydraulic Services
10/19/2023 - 10/19/2023 Leuven, Belgium Aquarama FLOWMOTION Pump Solutions
10/30/2023 - 11/01/2023 New Orleans, USA WJTA GIANT Industries Inc.
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