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Mining High-Pressure Pumps and Hydraulic Stations

Mining High Pressure Pumps and Hydraulic Stations

Hydraulic shield operation or dust control: KAMAT high-pressure technology combines high performance with high availability.

Longwall mining is a very demanding application for high pressure pump stations. Longwalls get longer and deeper putting higher demands on the shields.

This often leads to larger leg diameters and higher operating pressures.

Add in faster shield cycle times and the result is that high-pressure pump station need to work harder.

KAMAT’s high-pressure systems for mining supply the required volume of hydraulic fluid, at the required pressure and keep doing it (high availability).

KAMAT ensure this through designs that have been perfected over decades of experience in mining worldwide, especially in the US, Australia, Russia and China.

Our plunger pumps have been developed for various applications - from the large hydraulic stations to dust control systems - with an output of up to 800 kW and up to 3,500 bar in continuous operation.

Optimum control of the line pressure is easily and reliably achieved by varying the pump speed. With our specially developed frequency converter control, our plunger pumps’ speed can be accurately varied between 10 and 100%. To make this possible, we have designed our gearboxes with, among other things, suitable lubrication at low speeds. There is no need for separate electric motor driven oil pumps.

A classic mining station has three high-pressure pumps. Thanks to our frequency converter control with a 90% bandwidth, we can control the entire pump system with just one frequency-controlled master pump. The 2 other pumps are only switched on or off as required with full speed, whilst the master pump controls the remaining flow.

This system has the enormous advantage of having only 1 frequency-controlled pump. This is much less complex, more reliable and cheaper.

Our high-pressure pumps are used in central hydraulic stations for the supply of complete mines, as well as in stations that supply individual longwalls with hydraulic fluid.

Another plus is that all our pumps can also be operated vertically (ie plungers moving up and down instead of across). This helps to reduce the station width in narrow or congested entries.

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