Lighter, smaller and easier to maintain

At KAMAT they still say panta rhei – everything flows! After the pump manufacturer from Witten had recently redeveloped their complete range of pumps, the development and application engineering department continued to work at full speed. Now, Dipl.-Ing. Mohammed Chengour, Head of Development and Application Engineering at KAMAT, proudly presents his new PRD 3500 LV rotating nozzle in a new design: “The optimization of our PRD rotating nozzle has been very important to me for a long time. Not only was there room for technical improvement, but also for extension of service life. If you like, I’ve been working on it secretly for a long time, tinkering with it from time to time. My ideas had been in the drawer for several months, long before I received the official go-ahead from the management to improve our PRD as desired by operators in praxis. Above all, the rotating nozzle should be lighter, have a longer service life and become even more leak-free.”

New design minimizes PRD weight and makes it slimmer

Now, a minimal new design makes all this possible. The abbreviation LV in the name of the nozzle stands for light version. Which means that the name of the rotating nozzle already makes it clear what chief developer Chengour has primarily achieved with the new nozzle. The new rotating nozzle is shorter in design, smaller and has a slimmer diameter. The formerly 1.6 kg rotating union now weighs only 1 kg without nozzle head and from previously 2.25 kg total it now weighs only 1.55 kg with nozzle head. But, not only the housing of the rotating nozzle has become narrower, there is also a new variety of interchangeable nozzle heads (DK). There are a total of four nozzle heads (DK1 to DK4), divided into two groups. There are two large (DK1 and DK2) and two new small nozzle heads (DK3 and DK4). With these nozzle heads, all gun work is covered, from cleaning or removing large surfaces to selective blasting work.

Smaller diameter nozzle head variants of the PRD much better for small corners

Thus, for example, the D4 with 30l at 1000 bar brings a lot of volume to an area, which is particularly suitable for concrete renovation. On the other hand, the two small heads D1 and D2 are ideal for stripping or decoating and are often connected to KAMAT’s KamJet with 20l and 3000 bar. The slimmer nozzle diameter achieved by the re-design also makes it much more suitable for hard-to-reach places. The diameter of the new rotating nozzle of only 55 mm is particularly suitable for small corners to be cleaned. “Another plus of the technical changes made to the rotating nozzle is that the new design also makes maintenance easier. Changing the set of wearing parts with a seal, shaft and bearing can be done in just 15 minutes. Last but not least, changing the nozzle head is now much faster,” enthuses Chengour, who had the user in mind when making the changes.

The changes at a glance:

Rotating Nozzle Type PRD 3500 LV

Max. working pressure: 3,500 bar
Max. flow rate: 50 l/min
Min. – max. speed: 1,000-4,000 Upm
Weight excl. nozzle head: 1,00 kg
Outer Ø total: 55 mm