High-pressure plunger pump portfolio for ultra high-pressure applications

Versatile high-pressure plunger pumps for a wide range of industrial applications

We proudly manufacture positive displacement pumps that produce up to 3,500 bar of pressure at an input power of up to 1,500 kW and our smallest pumps reaching the pressure of 2,000 bar at just 15 kW input power.

Almost every application possible with KAMAT high-pressure plunger pumps

Our pumps have become valuable tools to a huge range of applications worldwide including industrial cleaning, mining hydraulics, as process pumps in the chemistry industry, construction, the pressure testing of pipelines and containers and of course the steel industry. The application range of our high-pressure plunger pumps covers most industries, and we keep adapting and applying knowledge to provide solutions for even more.

If required eg to fit with space constraints,  all our positive displacement pumps can be operated vertically, so that the plungers move up and down.

Our in-house and unique modular system enables use to adapt all our pumps configuration to your needs and application. We have used our experience and knowledge to create a standardized modular system. This system helps us increase the reliability, adaptability to the application and user friendliness of our pumps. It also enables us to produce small series of pumps and spare parts at very low cost, fast. Our partners ensure worldwide sales and service for our high-pressure technology.

The KAMAT modular system – developed by professionals for professionals

Even if there might not seem to be the right high-pressure plunger pump in our portfolio at first sight, we will provide you with the suitable solution for your project!

Providing individual and tailor-made high-pressure solutions – that is what we can!

Grafic figure manometer with arrows showing various high-pressure application fields for high-pressure plunger pumps with a-head from the KAMAT high-pressure pump portfolio
Grafic figure Manometer with arrows showing various high-pressure application fields for high-pressure pumps with m-head
Oil & Gas
High-Pressure Pumps Table
The green Triplex plunger-pump K100-3 of KAMAT view left
max. 2000 bar
max. 29008 psi
max. 6,8 l/min
max. NaN us-gpm
max. NaN imp-gpm
max. NaN bbl/h
max. 15 kW
max. 20.4 hp
max. 25 kg
max. 55.1 lbs
KAMAT green Triplex Plunger Pump K8000-3G Side View
max. 3000 bar
max. 43511 psi
max. 232 l/min
max. 61.3 us-gpm
max. 51.0 imp-gpm
max. 87.6 bbl/h
max. 45 kW
max. 61.2 hp
max. 195 kg
max. 429.9 lbs
The green
max. 2950 bar
max. 42786 psi
max. 283 l/min
max. 74.8 us-gpm
max. 62.3 imp-gpm
max. 106.8 bbl/h
max. 75 kW
max. 102.0 hp
max. 250 kg
max. 551.2 lbs
Green KAMAT Triplex Plunger Pump K9000-3G A-Head over all View
max. 3100 bar
max. 44962 psi
max. 283 l/min
max. 74.8 us-gpm
max. 62.3 imp-gpm
max. 106.8 bbl/h
max. 90 kW
max. 122.4 hp
max. 255 kg
max. 562.2 lbs
GreenKAMAT HP Triplex Plunger Pump K11000-3G with A-Head full View
max. 2760 bar
max. 40030 psi
max. 454 l/min
max. 119.9 us-gpm
max. 99.9 imp-gpm
max. 171.3 bbl/h
max. 110 kW
max. 149.6 hp
max. 425 kg
max. 937.0 lbs
Green KAMAT Triplex Plunger Pump K18000-3G
max. 3500 bar
max. 50763 psi
max. 522 l/min
max. 137.9 us-gpm
max. 114.8 imp-gpm
max. 197.0 bbl/h
max. 180 kW
max. 244.7 hp
max. 440 kg
max. 970.0 lbs
KAMAT Hochdruck-Plungerpumpe K25000-3G
max. 3200 bar
max. 46412 psi
max. 1148 l/min
max. 303.3 us-gpm
max. 252.5 imp-gpm
max. 433.2 bbl/h
max. 250 kW
max. 339.9 hp
max. 965 kg
max. 2127.5 lbs
KAMAT Hochdruck-Plungerpumpe K4500-3G
max. 3500 bar
max. 50763 psi
max. 1310 l/min
max. 346.1 us-gpm
max. 288.2 imp-gpm
max. 494.4 bbl/h
max. 450 kW
max. 611.8 hp
max. 1360 kg
max. 2998.3 lbs
Pump card green KAMAT HP Quintuplex Plunger Pump K55000-5G
max. 3500 bar
max. 50763 psi
max. 1913 l/min
max. 505.4 us-gpm
max. 420.8 imp-gpm
max. 721.9 bbl/h
max. 550 kW
max. 747.8 hp
max. 2200 kg
max. 4850.2 lbs
Pump Card of green KAMAT HP Quintuplex Plnuger Pump K100000-5G
max. 3500 bar
max. 50763 psi
max. 3482 l/min
max. 919.8 us-gpm
max. 765.9 imp-gpm
max. 1314.1 bbl/h
max. 1000 kW
max. 1359.6 hp
max. 3650 kg
max. 8046.9 lbs
Green KAMAT UHP Plunger Pump Quintuplex K150000-5G pump Card
max. 3500 bar
max. 50763 psi
max. 4677 l/min
max. 1235.5 us-gpm
max. 1028.8 imp-gpm
max. 1765.0 bbl/h
max. 1500 kW
max. 2039.4 hp
max. 7500 kg
max. 16534.7 lbs
Downloads Hochdruckpumpen
Performance List
Performance List Plunger Pumps KAMAT Performance List PDF Icon 374.3 KB
High-Pressure Pumps
Triplex Plunger Pump K100-3 Technical Data PDF Icon 301.2 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K4500-3 Technical Data PDF Icon 231.0 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K8000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 450.8 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K9000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 249.0 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K11000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 280.3 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K25000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 254.5 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K18000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 272.1 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K45000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 292.2 KB
Quintuplex Plunger Pump K55000-5G Technical Data PDF Icon 281.9 KB
Quintuplex Plunger Pump K100000-5G Technical Data PDF Icon 302.1 KB
Quintuplex Plunger Pump K150000-5G Technical Data PDF Icon 479.8 KB