Our versatile high-pressure plunger pumps have a wide range of performance. We manufacture high-pressure pumps up to 1500 kW and 3500 bar. Our smallest plunger pump can generate a pressure of 2000 bar at just 15 kW.

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High-Pressure Pumps Table
KAMAT high pressure plunger pump K100
max. 2000 bar
max. 29008 psi
max. 6,8 l/min
max. NaN us-gpm
max. NaN imp-gpm
max. NaN bbl/h
max. 15 kW
max. 20.4 hp
max. 25 kg
max. 55.1 lbs
KAMAT high-pressure pump K4500-3G
max. 3000 bar
max. 43511 psi
max. 232 l/min
max. 61.3 us-gpm
max. 51.0 imp-gpm
max. 87.6 bbl/h
max. 45 kW
max. 61.2 hp
max. 195 kg
max. 429.9 lbs
KAMAT high-pressure plunger pump K8000-3G
max. 2950 bar
max. 42786 psi
max. 283 l/min
max. 74.8 us-gpm
max. 62.3 imp-gpm
max. 106.8 bbl/h
max. 75 kW
max. 102.0 hp
max. 250 kg
max. 551.2 lbs
KAMAT high pressure plunger pump K9000-3G
max. 3100 bar
max. 44962 psi
max. 283 l/min
max. 74.8 us-gpm
max. 62.3 imp-gpm
max. 106.8 bbl/h
max. 90 kW
max. 122.4 hp
max. 255 kg
max. 562.2 lbs
Plunger Pump K11000-3G on page high pressure pumps of KAMAT
max. 2760 bar
max. 40030 psi
max. 454 l/min
max. 119.9 us-gpm
max. 99.9 imp-gpm
max. 171.3 bbl/h
max. 110 kW
max. 149.6 hp
max. 425 kg
max. 937.0 lbs
high pressure pump K18000-3G of the selection of the KAMAT plunger pumps
max. 3500 bar
max. 50763 psi
max. 522 l/min
max. 137.9 us-gpm
max. 114.8 imp-gpm
max. 197.0 bbl/h
max. 180 kW
max. 244.7 hp
max. 440 kg
max. 970.0 lbs
KAMAT Hochdruck-Plungerpumpe K25000-3G
max. 3200 bar
max. 46412 psi
max. 1148 l/min
max. 303.3 us-gpm
max. 252.5 imp-gpm
max. 433.2 bbl/h
max. 250 kW
max. 339.9 hp
max. 965 kg
max. 2127.5 lbs
KAMAT Hochdruck-Plungerpumpe K4500-3G
max. 3500 bar
max. 50763 psi
max. 1310 l/min
max. 346.1 us-gpm
max. 288.2 imp-gpm
max. 494.4 bbl/h
max. 450 kW
max. 611.8 hp
max. 1360 kg
max. 2998.3 lbs
high pressure plunge rpump K55000-5G on page high pressure pumps from KAMAT
max. 3500 bar
max. 50763 psi
max. 1913 l/min
max. 505.4 us-gpm
max. 420.8 imp-gpm
max. 721.9 bbl/h
max. 550 kW
max. 747.8 hp
max. 2200 kg
max. 4850.2 lbs
quintuplex plunger pump on page high pressure pumps from KAMAT
max. 3500 bar
max. 50763 psi
max. 3482 l/min
max. 919.8 us-gpm
max. 765.9 imp-gpm
max. 1314.1 bbl/h
max. 1000 kW
max. 1359.6 hp
max. 3650 kg
max. 8046.9 lbs
high pressure pump K55000, a quintuplex plunger pump of KAMAT
max. 3500 bar
max. 50763 psi
max. 4677 l/min
max. 1235.5 us-gpm
max. 1028.8 imp-gpm
max. 1765.0 bbl/h
max. 1500 kW
max. 2039.4 hp
max. 7500 kg
max. 16534.7 lbs
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KAMAT High-Pressure Pump Portfolio
KAMAT Portfolio High-Pressure Plunger Pumps KAMAT High-Pressure Pumps 23 PDF Icon 3.2 MB
Performance List
Performance List Plunger Pumps KAMAT Performance List PDF Icon 374.3 KB
High-Pressure Pumps
Triplex Plunger Pump K100-3 Technical Data PDF Icon 301.2 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K4500-3 Technical Data PDF Icon 470.9 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K8000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 451.4 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K9000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 472.8 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K11000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 280.3 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K25000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 254.5 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K18000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 272.1 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K45000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 292.2 KB
Quintuplex Plunger Pump K55000-5G Technical Data PDF Icon 281.9 KB
Quintuplex Plunger Pump K100000-5G Technical Data PDF Icon 302.1 KB
Quintuplex Plunger Pump K150000-5G Technical Data PDF Icon 479.8 KB

The KAMAT high-pressure pump for high-pressure applications in the industrial sector

Our versatile high-pressure plunger pumps have a wide range of performance. We manufacture high-pressure pumps up to 1500 kW and 3500 bar. Our smallest plunger pump can generate a pressure of 2000 bar at just 15 kW.

The high-pressure applications for our high and ultra high-pressure plunger pumps are extremely diverse. They include jetting, mining hydraulic stations, process engineering and hydraulics. The performance range of our high-pressure plunger pumps is so broad that the right high-pressure solution can be developed for every application.

KAMAT high-pressure water plunger pumps are widely recognised in the industry for their outstanding durability and reliability. We are committed to designing and building products to the highest standards of quality because we understand that our customers rely on our pumps to keep their equipment running smoothly.

Flexible adaptation and individual solutions for your high-pressure requirements with KAMAT high-pressure pumps

Our modular design ensures flexible adaptation of the pumps to changing requirements. As with other high-pressure positive displacement pumps, KAMAT pumps can be operated not only horizontally but also vertically if your project requires it. Our common parts strategy makes it possible to work with several pump types and with a minimum of maintenance and wear parts. Our partners provide worldwide sales and service for our high pressure technology.

Customised high pressure solutions with high-pressure pumps for any project – Contact us

Even if the pump you are looking for is not in our portfolio, we can find the right solution for every project! We offer individual and tailor-made high-pressure solutions. Get in touch with us! Our KAMAT high-pressure pumps are the ideal solution for your industrial high-pressure applications.

Providing individual and tailor-made high-pressure solutions – that is what we can!

KAMAT high pressure plunger pump application manometer for high pressure pump with A-Head
KAMAT High Pressure Plunger Pump Application Manometer for High Pressure pumps with M-Head

How do I choose the right high-pressure pump: Three key factors for any application

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right high-pressure pump for a particular application. This text introduces three key factors: the power required, the space available and the fluid to be pumped. It explains how each factor affects the selection of the right pump and what aspects need to be considered. Our special Pump Finder will help you choose the ideal pump. If you are unsure, we will be happy to advise you and share our expertise.


When it comes to selecting the right high-pressure pump, the required performance plays a crucial role. The ratio of required pressure to volume is crucial. To find the ideal pump configuration, we have developed a special pump finder. It determines the perfect pump based on the parameters you enter.

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Since high-pressure technology is used in many different areas, the space requirements of each application must be considered individually. A critical question is whether a mobile or stationary system is best suited to meet the requirements. It may also be advantageous to choose several smaller pumps rather than of one large pump, especially where space is limited. With us, you can choose between horizontal and vertical operation to adapt the system to the local conditions.


The type of fluid to be pumped is another important factor to consider when selecting the appropriate high-pressure pump. Different fluids have different requirements for valves, filters, seals, and other wetted surfaces. Our pumps are manufactured from high-quality alloys and are customised to suit your application. Therefore, fluids with high solids content, different viscosities, or highly reactive fluids are no problem for our pumps.


How does a high-pressure pump work? The function and design of the oscillating displacement pump

Oscillating displacement pumps are high-pressure pumps that move liquids by alternating pressure and suction phases. There are two types of oscillating displacement pumps: piston pumps, with a movable seal, and plunger pumps, with a fixed seal. KAMAT manufactures plunger pumps.

A high-pressure plunger pump is used for pumping liquids under high pressure. It works on the volumetric displacement principle, where the liquid flow is generated by alternating pressure and suction phases. Driving the piston increases the pressure in the cylinder, causing the liquid to be expelled through the discharge valve.

The high pressure-pump consists of a drive part (gear) and a fluid-carrying part (pump head) in which several pistons (3 or 5) are mechanically driven by a crankshaft. During the suction stroke, the inlet valve opens and the space in front of the pistons fills with water. During the pressure stroke, the plunger pushes this volume of water through the outlet valve into the pressure line of the pump. Each stroke of the piston always moves the same volume of water per piston. The efficiency of the valves largely determines the efficiency of the high pressure pump.

Most machines that can drive a plunger pump, such as internal combustion engines and electric motors, produce rotary motion. In order to use rotating prime movers, these high pressure pumps are typically equipped with a drive journal with a crankshaft, connecting rods and crossheads. As with a car engine, a rotary motion is converted into an oscillating motion, but in the opposite direction. Since the prime movers generate higher speeds than are normally required for plunger pumps, it is often necessary to use gearboxes. It is advisable to integrate these into the drive section of the pump.

The higher the drive speed, the higher the number of cycles per minute and the higher the flow rate. A high-pressure plunger pump can, in principle, increase the water pressure indefinitely. The maximum permissible operating pressure of the high-pressure plunger pump is determined by the design and choice of materials.