Last week we were very pleased to secure and load out two high-pressure plunger pump stations manufactured by KAMAT for an underground mining in the Ukraine.

Order for the Ukraine: Manufacturing of two identical mining stations

The order was about two identical pieces of plunger pump stations, each consisting of a KAMAT high-pressure pump unit with a K9036-3G plunger pump with an M-head, tank mounting parts and several accessories.

Due to the war in the Ukraine, for a long time it was not clear whether the units could be transported.

The two skids were ordered as usually by our standing customer in the Ukraine, who knows our high-quality pump units very well and for a long time. But, this time, nobody knew, if everything could be delivered without complications due to the war situation in the Ukraine. The more, now, all of us are happy that the transport could be organised and that the units would be delivered safely to their destination.

The units are planned to be used in underground mining

Finally, they will be run by a colliery group in a Ukrainian underground mining to help the situation for the Ukrainian people.

See the technical data of the high-pressure pump stations for underground mining in the Ukraine at a glance here.

Technical Data

Pump unit type: K9036-M-3G
Pressure/ p: max. 330 bar
Flow/ Q: 121 l / min
Power Input/ P: 75 kW
Medium to be pumped: water