KAMAT’s worldwide distributor network is growing and growing. “Today we are pleased to announce the official launch of our new sales and service partner PUMP SOLVE in South Africa,” says Managing Director Dr. Ing. Andreas Wahl, who firmly believes that PUMP SOLVE is ideally suited to advance KAMAT’s high-pressure solutions in the South African sector of chemical injection in oil and gas, petrochemicals and refineries, among others: “We are proud to have PUMP SOLVE on board and look forward to our future cooperation. Our new partner has many years of experience in the execution of turnkey high-pressure projects in the petrochemical and refinery fields of application, i.e. in process technology. The initial approach and first business initiation with PUMP SOLVE was via communication by our common cooperation partner Lewa, a German manufacturer of process pumps that PUMP SOLVE already represents exclusively. PUMP SOLVE is a particularly good fit for us because they offer complete turnkey solutions on site, sort of a one-stop shop, as they say. From now on, we want to conquer new markets together,” says Wahl.

PUMP SOLVE co-owner is enthusiastic: “I like the simplicity of the KAMAT pump design”

To learn more about PUMP SOLVE, read the following interview with Craig Kriel of PUMP SOLVE, in which he explains what makes a partnership with KAMAT valuable from their point of view. Kriel is co-owner and holds a degree in application engineering focused on fluid dynamics. In June he was a guest in Witten for a one-week training course on KAMAT pump technology and its fields of application. Kriel was particularly impressed by the simple KAMAT design, as he puts it: “I like the simplicity of the design!”

Interview with PUMP SOLVE

KAMAT: How did our cooperation start? What was your first impression?

PUMP SOLVEPump Solve is a fairly new and upcoming business, only established 1st of July 2018, with a team having more than 27 years of experience in metered and relative high pressure applications, up to 500 bar. The Company started with its Primary Brand, Lewa, by being the sole representative for southern Africa and its mission, “To provide a high quality, competent supply and turnkey service to the Southern African industry, with the view to become the pump company of choice, by providing service excellence.” Due to the similarities between KAMAT and Lewa in terms of plunger pump design and high-pressure applications a joint venture was formed between KAMAT and Lewa in the past to collaborate on robust drive unit designs for both their pumps. This lead to KAMAT being a known and preferred brand regarding high pressure pump in general communication with Lewa. From this history it was clear that KAMAT should be part of Pump Solve’s services and products. The Managing Director of Pump Solve was intrigued with the high pressure cleaning capabilities of KAMAT and saw potential for KAMAT in our industry and local market. Together with the extensive product range and family structure of the KAMAT business, Pump Solve is fortunate and thankful to be a representative for KAMAT.

KAMAT:  Who is Pump Solve?

PUMP SOLVE:Pump Solve develops, manufactures and markets metering and process systems using world class leading brand of dosing equipment. Our team have comprehensive knowledge across a wide range of markets. This has resulted in product innovations and developments which harness the latest technology whilst meeting high quality standards. Pump Solve is an evolving innovative company with the sole purpose of providing their client with excellent quality, reliability and efficiency within the metered dosing, chemical refining, harsh/difficult pumping applications and mixing industry.

Pump Solve is founded by the management team with more than 27 years of experience within precision dosing and mixing of liquids in a wide variety of industries. Specialising in designing custom and unique dosing systems for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and mining industries. Pump Solve provides excellence and is appointed as the official distributor for Lewa GmbH, KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG, Nikkiso, Checkpoint, BSK, Fox and Someflu within certain regions of Southern Africa. With these fine brands our products offered by Pump Solve has evolved and been honed within one of the most demanding of industrial processes namely the Petrochemical and Refinery Industries. Traditionally these heavy industrial processes have demanded pumps for chemical dosing applications requiring highly accurate dosing flow rates, extreme delivery pressures, material compatibility for very corrosive and hazardous chemicals, ATEX and API 674, 675, 685 certification for installation in Hazardous Areas and last but not least extreme robustness ensuring continuous and reliable 24/7 – 365 operation.

Pump Solve is stationed in Centurion, Gauteng, equipped with a business centre of 10000m2 consisting of manufacturing, servicing, warehouse and offices. We run a fully operational ISO 9001 accredited business. Our strength lies in the understanding of multidisciplinary operations and our ability to seamlessly integrate traditional engineering principals within any metered and harsh pumping applications. Pump Solve with its team of qualified staff are certified as a level 2 BBBEE Company.

KAMAT: What is the success concept of your company?

PUMP SOLVE: To be a complete turn-key solution for a client, a one stop shop. We specialize in the import of custom build pump for high pressure and metered applications however, we have the capabilities, experience and professional team to provide a complete solution for the client. As the applications we deal with on a day-to-day bases become more and more specialized, we offer the client a turn-key solution that is manufactured and tested off-site. This concept provides the added advantage of reduced down time for installation, more accurate design, lower integration time with multiple service providers and last but not least it allows for minimal input from the client in terms of installation and commissioning.

KAMAT: What makes our partnership a perfect match?

PUMP SOLVE: Pump Solve with its team has more than 27 years of experience in relative high-pressure applications. As we specialize in the metering of hazardous chemical injection field we know the danger and risk involved. With high-pressure applications from KAMAT it falls under the same field of dangerous applications and calls for an experience team to deal with the best solution possible. Together with this KAMAT pumps fall under the same industry as that of Pump Solve with applications in the mining, refinery and food industries.

Contact Details:

No 31 Lloys Ellis Ave, Mnandi A/H
Centurion 0157
South Africa

Tel: +27-87-271-6753