Welcome to KAMAT! We are pleased to welcome two new apprentices, a female and a male apprentice: Kacpar (21) and Laura (19). Kacpar has chosen the profession of cutting machine operator. Laura would like to become an industrial mechanic in the field of industrial and plant engineering.

“Sitting in the office would not be my scene, I wanted to become an industrial mechanic!”

Kacpar was sure early on: “I always wanted to do something craftsmanlike, where you can tackle something! Sitting in the office would not be my scene, I would fall asleep! “Laura, who does not mind working in a classic male profession, confidently says: „Since my school time during the Realschule I was already interested in technics. That’s why I first started my technical education in mechanical and automation engineering at the Berufskolleg in Witten. There we were only four girls under 18 boys! I can also deal with a rough tone among men, that does not bother me. Especially the practical lessons in the workshop I enjoyed. When different professions were presented to us in the classroom, it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to become an industrial mechanic!“

KAMAT qualifies to employ

These are the best conditions to be trained at KAMAT. Michael Lembgen, Head of Quality Assurance and for 15 years KAMAT Training Manager for the commercial sector, emphasizes: “We train to employ. Therefore among other requirement, especially the togetherness is very important to us. In addition to the minimum requirements such as secure math skills in three-sentence, algebra and in solving simple basic computing tasks such as addition and subtraction, which are needed as basis for reading drawings and three-dimensional thinking, the personal charisma must be right. Both convinced me immediately with their written applications, the recruitment test and the job interview “, says Lembgen.

Fascinated by “what the pumps can do”

After only a few days at KAMAT both trainees are not only “fascinated by what KAMAT’s pumps can do and that they are impressive”, they also agree that their first day was perfect, they were warmly welcomed and their first impression was great. “Immediately after five minutes I was allowed to do everything with the pumps. Fabian, my godfather here at KAMAT, is a welder and industrial mechanic, once made me do the welding and then I had it done directly, he lets me screw it alone and we help each other with the construction. That’s a lot of responsibility, because once it has been welded, it is welded on“, Laura says happily. And Kacpar was initially a bit excited, but has made first friendships directly; going soon with a new colleague on a motorcycle tour. That is no wonder, after all he has become aware on KAMAT by a close friend: “I’ve heard a lot of positive things about the company KAMAT, the training manager Mr. Lembgen and the colleagues. A close friend of mine, who also did his training here, highly recommended KAMAT to me. ”

KAMAT wishes both apprentices a great training time!