The sales team gets a new colleague: KAMAT announces a change of personnel and welcomes Fabian Hoff, MBA, to the KAMAT family. Effective immediately, as new Sales Director, he will be responsible for the Western European market as well as the markets in Africa, North America and Central America. He takes over this function from Andreas Meyer, who used to work in a double function at KAMAT, namely as Business Development and Sales Director. With Hoff on board, Meyer can focus himself completely on all topics related to business development in the future.

Unsolicited application directly to management – ​​less than 24 hours later he was invited to get to know each other

Fabian Hoff’s first contact shows that he knows exactly what he wants and that he does not hesitate. Although KAMAT is not advertising a specific job opening, Hoff emails the management directly and sends his unsolicited application. He wants to change careers but stay in the pump industry. After all, he has been in the pump business for over ten years. Had a steep career at the magnetically coupled centrifugal pump manufacturer Klaus Union GmbH & Co. KG in Bochum. He has held various positions, Sales Manager, Sales Area Manager North and South America and UK, most recently Director Sales and Project Management Pumps / Area Sales Director North America.

His online research for a pump manufacturer in his area, for family reasons he wants to stay in the area, leads him to the plunger pump manufacturer KAMAT. He finds KAMAT’s website interesting at first glance. Information and the product on the homepage let him see that KAMAT is the technology market leader with a unique selling proposition. He is immediately sure that this is where he wants to go; the company meets all the criteria that he imagines for his job change.

A convincing product with much more potential than exploited

KAMAT’s management is excited about Hoff’s application, his many years of professional experience, the theoretical background and his skills, and invites Hoff directly to get to know each other via ZOOM. When asked why KAMAT, Hoff replies: “Classic medium-sized company with operational management and a flat hierarchy. It fascinates me that the owners are passionate about it, that it is a second-generation family business, with a high degree of manufacturing on-location in an absolutely, impressive plant and machine park, as well as direct contact with partners and business customers. I also liked the very open manner in which both managing directors welcomed me, all criteria that are important to me professionally. Apart from that, I am already convinced of the product and believe that it has a much greater potential than is realised, especially in the markets with which I am familiar.”

Technical understanding and expertise in the process industry makes the newcomer a perfect match

What makes Hoff a suitable candidate for KAMAT: He is excellently trained, has a degree in industrial engineering (University of Applied Sciences), achieved a bachelor’s degree in industrial marketing in England, completed a one-year pump engineer-training course and achieved an MBA in international management. In addition to technical understanding, he has specific market knowledge in the process industry, a market that KAMAT would like to expand. As a former head of internal sales with responsibility for key accounts and power of attorney, he also has the necessary experience in sales.