On the last Friday in March, we said goodbye to our long-time employee Udo Peters in his well-deserved retirement. Udo had been part of the KAMAT team since 2 March 1983 and started his career as a young lathe operator in our production.

Involved in the production of more than 12000 high-pressure pumps in 40 years

During his total of 50 years of work, 40 of them at KAMAT, Udo made a significant contribution to the success of our company. During his time at KAMAT, Udo Peters was involved in the production of an estimated 12,000 special high-pressure plunger pumps sold worldwide. Through his dedication, he helped KAMAT to establish itself as a leading company in this field.

Udo Peters was not only a reliable and loyal employee, but also a valuable colleague with sound specialist knowledge and an untiring commitment. His perseverance and commitment were exemplary and helped to ensure that our products were always of the highest quality.

Originally from Essen, Udo even moved privately to Witten when KAMAT relocated its operations from Essen to Witten. We are grateful for his decades of loyalty and his outstanding achievements and wish him all the best and the best of health for his retirement. Dear Udo, we will miss you and you will always be a part of the KAMAT family.