We are looking forward to two new trainees also in this year and welcome them to our place: Jonas G. (18) and Alexander G. (22). Jonas decided to become an industrial mechanic in the field of industrial and plant engineering. Alexander would like to become an office management clerk.

“Just sitting at the desk is not right for me”

For Jonas, it has been clear since childhood and later even more after an internship at school: “Just sitting at the desk is not right for me. I want to do something with my hands that I hold in my hands at the end.” No wonder, he got through early by father and grandfather, both work in technical professions, imparting basic technical knowledge. Unfortunately, it did not work right away with the desired training position. After graduating from secondary school, he wrote over 60 applications and got only two interview invitations. He found it frustrating that he did not even get replies to his applications. That surprised him a lot, especially as it is common, that the economy is looking for junior staff.

Only as an alternative to his actual career aspiration did he spend a year studying electrical engineering at the vocational college after secondary school. After a year, however, he no longer feels like just going to school. “I prefer to do something handcrafted where you can tackle something!” Then Jonas’ father remembers that a friend of his works at KAMAT and asks whether KAMAT is seeking for commercial trainees in 2020. Jonas is lucky. KAMAT was still looking. He could submit his application documents. An interview and a recruitment test followed, which he passed well.

“This is really what I’m looking for, that’s where I want to start!”

While Jonas just does not want to have an office job and wants to do manual labour, Alexander is exactly the opposite. He is more the person who likes to sit at a desk and work on a PC. Even at the age of six he liked to sit at his father’s PC, he feels familiar in the technical area and understands technology very quickly. Besides that, he is fluent in English, lived with his family in Australia for a few years as a teenager and graduated from school there. Back in Germany, he is only beginning his training as a logistics specialist. Shortly before graduation he breaks off, it was not the right thing. He would rather become an office management clerk.

This is why he started looking for suitable training companies in Witten. However, he comes across KAMAT’s website and is enthusiastic: “This is really what I’m looking for! Even the first impression, the website, appealed to me. I was sure I want to start there. Especially because KAMAT is a global company and the tender text explicitly mentioned the possibility of a takeover, I saw a good chance for myself, especially with my fluent English. ” He submits his application at once, is invited to an interview and receives the training position”. In the interview, I was particularly attracted by the open perspectives at KAMAT,” Alexander emphasises.

 KAMAT qualifies to employ

These are the best conditions for a training at KAMAT. Michael Lembgen, Head of Quality Assurance and for 15 years KAMAT Training Manager for the commercial sector, emphasises: “We train to employ. Therefore, among other requirement, especially the team spirit is very important to us. In addition to the minimum requirements such as secure math skills in three-sentence, algebra and in solving simple basic computing tasks such as addition and subtraction, which are needed as basis for reading drawings and three-dimensional thinking, the personal charisma must be right. Jonas convinced me immediately with his written application, the recruitment test and the job interview. Furthermore, his open and friendly manner were also very appealing. He is eloquent and can express himself”, Lembgen says happily. That is very important in the locksmithery. A different tone prevails here, nothing for sensitive people.

“Crazy what you can do just with water pressure”

After only a few days at KAMAT, both trainees were impressed with what KAMAT pumps can do, as Jonas says, “crazy what you can do just with water pressure”, and they agree that the first day was perfect, they were welcomed with a kind reception. “Immediately after five minutes I was allowed to do everything under the supervision of my godfather Sascha, was thrown into the deep end, got the key with the words ‘do it’, didn’t have to sweep or file first. I was immediately active in the test bench, assembling the units and the pumps. You will not be bored. Sascha, my KAMAT godfather, is an industrial mechanic, as you would imagine, a real mechanic, very strong. While I have to hit the hammer four times, it takes him only one,” Jonas says with enthusiasm.

After four weeks, he has already learned a lot, feels very comfortable and feels the solidarity. Lembgen also emphasises the solidarity and team spirit: “In the first two or three weeks in particular, you are observed, it is extremely important to prove yourself as a person in order to be accepted. Jonas mastered that well!”

“Everything was fine, especially the language skills in English”

Our new Training Manager for the commercial division is Melanie Hellmeier, Head of Purchase Department at KAMAT and as she says, “a KAMAT native”, after all she has been with KAMAT for 18 years, learned everything from the scratch at KAMAT. She was at Alexander’s interview for her first time in the assessment process involved. Alexander impressed her so much that she immediately offered him a three-month internship in her department. “Alexander convinced with his prior knowledge and well-informedness about KAMAT, he was perfectly prepared, gave a very good image of himself as a specialist for tomorrow. He showed that he really wanted to! Everything went well, for us, especially the language skills in English made him particularly interesting as a candidate. But also his extroverted nature and his prior knowledge from the first training were an advantage.”

Unfortunately, the Corona lockdown initially made it difficult and thwarted everyone’s plans. However, finally, he was thrown-in at the deep end, just like Jonas, and despite the circumstances caused by Corona he settled in very well before the training year officially started: “At the beginning everything seemed very big to me, the factory buildings and the pumps. I was immediately received openly and honestly, many suggested calling each other by our first names very soon, which aroused a lot of trust,” Alexander sums up. During his three-year training, he will visit school twice a week at the vocational college in Witten and spend the other days at KAMAT. During this time, he will make a stop in all departments (sales, purchasing, export, accounting, work preparation). Hellmeier is certain that it was the right decision!

KAMAT wishes both apprentices a great training time!

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The photo shows the KAMAT training team with the two new trainees in the company foyer

Warm welcome! KAMAT's training managers are happy about two new trainees. (from left: Melanie Hellmeier, Alexander G., Jonas G., godfather Sascha Treml and Michael Lembgen)